Will the Venus Factor Diet Work For Men?

If you are a guy cruising around the internet and have seen all this hype about the Venus Factor diet, you might be getting a little jealous. After all, the program has been very successful and has gotten rave reviews. It is one of the most well done and complete programs I have seen. However, the problem is that it was designed for women. However, do not lose hope. John Barban and Brad Pillon put together a program for men as well, based on the same principles.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Fitness System

The Adonis Golden Ratio System is a program of diet and exercise put together for men to achieve their “Adonis Golden Ratio” perfect body. In fact, it was the predecessor to the Venus Factor program. The difference is that men generally do not struggle as hard to lose weight because the world is built around them. Most portions at restaurants are sized for men not women. Men can go on extended periods of caloric restriction without the same consequences of as many women because they are not nearly as leptin resistant on average. The emphasis of the Adonis program tends to be more towards building muscle, as that is what guys want. However, it is targeted towards getting the right look, and not some random buff look where the proportions are so off that the person looks unattractive. You know what we are talking about… Not everything that bulges excessively is hot!

Now the fact of the matter is the principles contained within the Venus Factor diet still work for men. Some men, in fact, do have problems with leptin resistance, especially if they are morbidly obese. Cycling to control leptin levels as contained within the Venus Factor diet probably cannot hurt, and I have seen more and more general fitness programs incorporating similar cycling systems targeted at the general population (probably because people have started to realize women are key buyers). Thus if your wife bought the Venus Factor system, you can use the same eating strategies to lose weight.

The one big difference you are going to find is that the Venus Factor Fitness calculator is calibrated….to women. So the calorie count is not going to be appropriate for a man. For that reason, if a man wants to follow this diet it is highly recommended that he go out and purchase a copy of the Adonis golden Ratio Fitness system. If you are interested in it, you can find out more at this link. If you purchase through my link, I can also send you the bonuses listed above, many of which (but not all) will apply to men (such as goal setting stuff). Just make sure to purchase through the link in this article and then go to the “Claim my bonus” section to give me your transaction ID. Remember, I do not have your contact information to send you the bonuses if you do not go to that link.

Venus Factor Tips And Secrets: Get the Most From the Program

If you are looking to purchase the Venus Factor System or have already purchased the product, included here are some extra tips and pointers that I think can help you get to your goal. The reality is not all diet products are going to be a comprehensive treatment of EVERYTHING you can do to lose weight. This is one of the more complete programs I have seen. However, the authors do go out of their way to make it as flexible as possible for people. The downside to that is that there are some things to nudge your way towards success by just being a bit more restrictive. Anyway here is a run down of my top Venus Factor tips.
food tips and tricks
1. Proper motivation. This is obviously the most important thing in getting someone to lose weight. It is also something that is not really covered that in depth in the program, although the authors do discuss this in some of the Uncensored Podcasts available to those who upgrade to the Immersion Program. For everyone who choses to make a change in their lifestyle, there usually is a “Why?” The people who succeed are the ones where the “why” is big enough to motivate a complete lifestyle change. You need to really focus on that “why” for you and make it real. Is it to attract a cute guy? How about because a friend of yours had a heart attack and you do not want to follow in their footsteps? Whatever it is you need to remind yourself constantly of it. If you have an unflattering “before” picture of how you look, you can post it to your computer or mirror so you see it every day and are reminded about what you want to change in your life. When your motivation is strong enough, results are bound to follow.

2. Get into the habit of fasting. This is something that is covered in the course, but not to the extent of “Eat Stop Eat,” another work by Brad Pillon that I had used prior to this program coming out. That is one of the reasons I was so enthusiastic about this program before I even read it because I know Brad generally backs up what he says with real science. Do not worry. Fasting is not a requirement of the Venus Factor diet, if that is a word that freaks you out. But it can help you to stay compliant to the diet. You do not need to fast for an entire day, just try to delay your first meal as long as possible. You are going to eat more in each subsequent meal, but based on the scientific data, your total calories should decrease. Once you set your body in the mode of eating, you are generally going to want to eat all day. By delaying your eating for later in the day, it will help you cut calories a lot. If you can work up to a 24-36 hour fast, that helps even better.

3. John and Brad might not like restrictive eating, but it works. This is one of my biggest problems with the program. I understand their point with regards to “orthoexia” or an unhealthy relationship with food as they discuss in some of the Immersion podcasts. However, some would argue whether they take the argument a bit too far when they ridicule people for staying of genetically modified foods or wheat. In fact, there is a lot of science that indicates that the food that we are getting at the grocery store is not equivalent to what our grandparents grew up with, and the trials have never been done to prove that it is safe. When you see that over 80% of mothers in Canada have bt-toxin in their bloodstream from consumption GMO corn, that is scary because no studies have ever been done on the long term consequences of such a toxin (which Monsanto told regulators would NEVER get into the blood stream) in humans.

Perhaps I went a bit too far astray from my point here. What you eat does matter. Even John and Brad admit that restrictive eating works, and they attribute it to the success of many diets such as the “low carb” diet. They believe it is because if you have less food to chose from you will eat less calories. This is true, and if it is true and it helps, why not adopt it as an additional strategy? In other cases, there are some foods that do increase the appetite and can get you off the diet. For example a study showed that the consumption of “healthy” whole wheat products actually increased the number of calories consumed in a day by over 400 calories. Over the course of a year that is 146,000 calories and a lot of accumulated fat! The reason is that some of the wheat breakdown products serve as opioids and are somewhat self-reinforcing. Some people have lost a significant amount of weight just by dropping wheat from their diet.

I am not saying you have to get rid of wheat. Just realize reducing it could help you keep to your diet. The same goes for simple sugar products. The more nutrition you take in, the more “full” you will tend to feel as your body is getting the elements it needs to survive. You could literally do the Venus Factor diet eating nothing but ice cream, being 100% compliant (well, except for perhaps protein requirements depending on the type of ice cream you are eating), and lose weight. However, it will probably be a lot harder to keep from overeating. For this reason, taking a good multivitamin and trace mineral supplement can also aid you on your diet. It might be “calories in and calories out” but I argue that what you take in can dramatically effect your ability to keep the calories on hold.

Anyway, those are some basic tips that might help you to do better on the program. If you just stick to it you should see a dramatic transformation in your body.

Anybody have HONEST Venus Factor Reviews? A Real Assessment of John Barban’s New Weight Loss System For Women

Chances are that many women who find an advertisement for the Venus Factor system want to know if the program is really worth getting, or if it is just filled with a bunch of hype. After all, those video sales letters on all of these current weight loss products can be quite convincing. However, how many of these programs have actually worked for you.

real venus factor reviews

Tired of All the Search Engine Spam?

One great way of finding other opinions is by searching out independent reviews of the Venus Factor system. The problem is that it is not so easy to type in “Venus Factor Reviews” into Google and get any relevant results. The problem is that most internet marketers will actually create pages just to sell the particular system, and then do all possible to get their articles to the top of the search engines for these types of searches. Unfortunately, those who are good at manipulating these search engine results are not always particularly good at giving an objective review on the subject. In fact, many people put up reviews without even taking a look at the product because they are too cheap to even invest the money in the program themselves. Often what you will get is just re-hashed points from the sales letter and you have wasted your time learning nothing else about the product. Often this can happen for the first several pages of the search results as the army of Venus Factor affiliates are out there competing for your commission dollars.

I Understand How You Feel: I Have Been There

I make purchases all the time on the internet and always struggle to find good “honest reviews.” I also happen to be a professional internet marketer, so I happen to wear both hats. If people come to a site like this and happen to buy through my link, then I will make a commission on the sale. Thus, it can be said that I am not completely unbiased in that I have a financial incentive to get people to buy the product through my link. At the same time, the last thing I want to happen is for someone to buy something through my link and not be happy with it as it will ruin my online reputation, as I also run several other diet related sites on the internet. For that reason I only promote products I believe in and try to give an objective review of the products. There have been many supplements that I have wanted to promote, and then when I look at the data I just cannot ethically do so.

What I have tried to do with this site is give you my honest review of the program. I have purchased the product, been inside, and have even been through the materials including a large number of John and Brad’s Uncensored Podcasts which I happen to love to listen to when on a morning walk as I happen to be a fitness buff. I do not agree with everything they say; however, they do tend to do a lot better than other authors I have read in trying to keep everything they say justified by the science. Since I have been through the materials, what I try to do with this site is answer many of the questions I would have if looking to purchase the product. Instead of writing one review, a have written a number of articles to better help people understand what they get if they get into the program.

Hopefully, many of you will appreciate this level of detail and will buy through my product link or even share my page with others (after all, when other people comment positively or link to my site, it helps it go up in the search engines so more people can find it). As a reward for buying through my link, I have also made available some bonuses on this site for those buying through my link and subscribing to my newsletter. Please note that I need you to either contact me by email or register to receive the bonus on the Bonus page to get the bonuses. I do not get the names and addresses of people purchasing through my program, only a transaction ID. For those of you choosing to sign up for the Venus Factor immersion program, I even include a reminder several days before the 30 day trial is up (assuming the purchase about the same time from buying the Venus Factor, as that is when the email is timed to go out) for those who were only intending to try it, but might have forgotten about it. Hopefully that makes purchasing through my link a win-win situation, which is how I believe internet marketing is supposed to work.

Why Is It Hard to Find Personal Experiences On the Venus Factor Program

Not everyone is in a position to try every diet that comes out because some of us are our normal range. However, I have also been above before, and there are many principles in the Venus Factor that I know work from personal experience as I have used them myself (in fact some of these things I learned from trial and error before I really got an interest in the subject). However, even if I had used the program I would not be able to talk about it because I am an affiliate of the product. This is one of the reasons you are not going to see a lot of personal experiences easily found on the internet.

In fact, this is something I found out through someone else I knew recently. As you might expect, as a fitness blogger, I know other acquaintances who also are Venus Factor affiliates. We often share information and help each other out. This person’s wife had actually gone through the Venus Factor program and was documenting her experience along the way. However, they were later notified by the company who sells the product that they needed to take down that review because it violated the terms of service of the affiliate agreement. The company has some good reasons for doing this. You see the United States FTC is very harsh on companies in the diet industry. If someone gives an experience online with an incentive to sell the product, there is the possibility that effects could be over-exaggerated or hyped to mislead; and companies ultimately are held responsible for the activities of their affiliates. This is not unusual behavior. A friend of mine is an Isagenix rep (another product that I have used and like as a supplement; but it is probably too expensive for most people to use routinely) who invited me to a local get together. There was a local person who was on stage giving a heart felt testimonial of how their particular disease was cured right after he started using the product. You could almost see the cringe come across the face of one of the founders on stage at the time (a bunch of people I was around noticed it). It is not that they did not want the testimonial, but they were scared to death someone might get a copy of it and send it to the FTC. If it was scripted, the person would have never been allowed to say anything like this.

So my point is that this probably has a lot to do why it is not easy to pull up real world experiences on any diet product like this in the search engines. However, there are tons of Venus Factor testimonials that you can find at their website or scattered through the manuals themselves. These have presumably been all vetted and submitted without any financial incentive so that can be displayed without FTC issues. If you do not believe them, you can interact with many of these people once you get in the Venus Factor program as there is an entire Venus Factor community that you can interact with. There you can see real world examples of people making meaningful transformations in their lives and even trade information back and forth. In fact, access to that community is one of the main benefits of the program.

As to whether this will actually work for you, that gets down to the amount of effort you put in. If you do not put anything into action that you learn, it will not help you. As John and Brad discuss in one of their uncensored podcasts, it seems that everyone wants to buy diet advice, but then they only selectively follow it and assume when it does not work that the diet failed. It does not matter how much you work out or what your meal composition is, if you eat 4,000 calories a day, you are NOT going to lose weight. What they have done is try to make this as flexible a program to follow so that as many people can do it as possible. There are no “bad foods” or extremely restrictive rules. Follow the plan, and you should get results. I also provide some extra Venus Factor weight loss tips and tricks on this blog based on some other information that I am familiar with.

So if you want to start to read a full review of the program click here for my main Venus Factor Review and look on the sidebar at some articles that go into more depth on the program. Hopefully this will help you to make a better decision as to whether this product is for you or not.

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